Twelve by Twelve

Exhibition opened June 28, 2022 We are pleased to present the group exhibition Twelve by Twelve, featuring 12 stellar works by 12 great Inuit artists. Expertly selected by Pat Feheley herself, these works represent the breadth and diversity in style and subject presented by artists from the Canadian North. Artists in the show come primarily from Kinngait, Nunavut, with the … Read More

Jutai Toonoo: Body Landscape

Exhibition opened February 2, 2022 Jutai Toonoo was born in Kinngait, NU in 1959, the same year that the inaugural Cape Dorset Print Collection was released. He grew up surrounded by artists and naturally fell into art making himself. He started with sculpture and gradually experimented with other media like print, drawing, pastel, and painting. Across all his media, Toonoo … Read More

Jutai Toonoo – Life: A Retrospective Exhibition

In late 2015, beloved artist Jutai Toonoo passed away at his home in Cape Dorset.We commemorated his life and work on March 5th with a special retrospective exhibition. Family from Cape Dorset, Iqaluit and Ottawa, along with friends and admirers of the artist attended the event at Feheley Fine Arts. Surrounded by a large body of Jutai’s work spanning the past 16 … Read More

Jutai Toonoo: Life

Exhibition opened March 5, 2016 Jutai Toonoo belonged to the middle generation of Inuit artists who bridged the old and new worlds of the Arctic.  Born in 1959, he grew up in Cape Dorset, a witness to the transformation of this small isolated settlement to a modern community.  Ever curious, he took advantage of increased communications and global awareness to … Read More

“Still Life”: Jutai Toonoo’s Artist Talk

On Saturday, April 5, Feheley Fine Arts hosted an artist talk with Jutai Toonoo to discuss his latest exhibition of still life images.  The intimate conversation included stories about the origins of many of Toonoo’s drawings, his experiences, and how the news and social issues within the northern community have served as inspiration for his artwork. Toonoo’s drawings often involve … Read More

Jutai Toonoo: Still Life

Exhibition opened March 22, 2014 “I was thinking of still life painting.  I looked at the objects in my house and in the studio and outside and used them as inspiration.  Some were taken from my sketchbooks.  When I would find the subject outside, I would borrow a camera, take a picture and work from that.  Some I arranged to … Read More

Reception for Jutai Toonoo: Body Contemplation

Feheley Fine Arts held the exhibition Jutai Toonoo: Body Contemplation from April 21 – May 12, 2012. The show featured drawings by Kinngait artist Jutai Toonoo (1959–2015) completed in the oil pastel medium, as well as a number of stone sculptures. Works in the show centred on the theme of the human body and portraiture. The artist travelled from his … Read More

Jutai Toonoo: Body Contemplation

Exhibition opened April 21, 2012 All of Jutai Toonoo’s drawings seem deeply personal. Described by William Ritchie, manager of the Kinngait Studios, Toonoo’s process is an “explosion of emotion… a fit of anger or joy.” At the same time, this volatility is “balanced by his spectacular work. He’s got an incredible eye and an incredible use of colour. He’ll dive … Read More

Breaking Ground: New Oil Stick Drawings from Cape Dorset

Exhibition opened October 22, 2008 This exhibition “breaks ground” in a number of ways. First, the medium of oil stick is still a very recent innovation for Inuit artists. It was introduced in Cape Dorset in the late 1990s by Montreal-based artist Ludmilla (Mewa) Armata, who coaxed some remarkable work from senior artists such as Mayureak Ashoona and Sheojuk Etidlooie. … Read More

Toonoo’s Legacy

Exhibition opened November 1, 2002 Sometimes one moment can become the axis around which a whole universe spins. The world remembers 1969 as the year of Woodstock’s quest for harmony and the first moon walk that became a celebration of man’s technological advancements. Meanwhile, in the Arctic the I were making their own advances, navigating the treacherous journey from traditional … Read More