Fusion: Collaborative Drawings

Exhibition opened May 25, 2023 The notion of collaboration has existed at the Kinngait Studios since its inception. In the late 1950s, the concept of printmaking was introduced involving two players—artist and printer—to work in tandem to produce a graphic. Fast forward to 2022: Johnny Pootoogook, Shuvinai Ashoona, and Quvianaqtuk Pudlat each collaborate on a single drawn composition titled Head … Read More

Rarities: Coveted Cape Dorset Prints

Exhibition opened May 25, 2023 Where were you in 1962 when Parr’s compelling stonecut Man and Whale was released in the Annual Cape Dorset Print Collection? Would anyone then have predicted that the young co-operative art studio in a small Arctic hamlet would go on to become the longest continuously-running print studio in Canada? Today, prints from the annual collections … Read More

Glowing in the Winter Light

Exhibition opened April 7, 2022 Feheley Fine Arts is pleased to present a selection of stained glass works, recently re-released from the Kinngait Studio archives. Made between 2005-2009, these fine works of colourful glass take the bold graphic images of Kinngait’s foremost artists, and translate them into a beautifully delicate art form. Glowing in the Winter Light features works by … Read More

60/60: Sixty Years of printmaking in the Kinngait Studios

Exhibition opened October 12, 2019 In celebration of the Kinngait Studios’ 60th anniversary, this exhibition features an unbelievable collection of Cape Dorset prints—one from each year since the studios’ inception. The graphics chosen acknowledge the many artists who passed through the studios over six decades, highlighting their innovations in style, technique, scale, printmaking type, and subject matter. Formally established in … Read More

The Co-op: Drawings from Cape Dorset

Exhibition opened September 12, 2019 The Co-op is a group exhibition of drawings by the Cape Dorset artists celebrating 60 years of the Kinngait Studios. Commonly referred to as the Co-op (as part of the West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative), the studios have been intimately involved in the lives of the Cape Dorset artists since 1959. They are also the longest … Read More

Spectacular Beings

Exhibition opened June 16, 2018 Forward In the early 1960’s, pencils and papers were distributed to the fledgling artists of Cape Dorset with the aim of developing an arts and crafts program in the community. Some people took up the challenge with gusto and bravado while others approached the sheets of paper with doubt and trepidation. Looking for guidance, they … Read More