What type of stone is this?

“What type of stone is this?” is one of the most common questions we receive about sculptures, and it’s a good one. While many think of Inuit sculpture as synonymous with “soapstone” (the name given to a specific type of soft stone), artists across the Arctic in fact use a variety of local stone types that are available in their … Read More

Michael Massie talks about the process behind his artwork

How does a sketch become a sculpture? To create his piece Looking Out Over the Big White Hill, renowned artist and master sculptor Michael Massie started with a sketch. Through an extensive process of grinding, inlay, sanding, and polishing, an extraordinary work of art was created. I saw a photograph of a carving by John Terriak. It was a qulliq … Read More

Bill Nasogaluak talks about artwork in solo show “Shapeshifter”

To kick off 2020, Feheley Fine Arts presented the exhibition Shapeshifter showcasing a retrospective of compelling works by artist Bill Nasogaluak. Works in the show touched on themes of shifting forms, transformation, and various kinds of change — from climate change to shaman transformations. Works in the show touched on social ills in the North catalyzed by substance abuse, alcohol, … Read More

Bill Nasogaluak’s Shapeshifter

The gallery was thrilled to kick off 2020 with something different: an exhibition of thought-provoking sculpture by Tuktoyaktuk-born artist, Bill Nasogaluak. Shapeshifter was Nasogaluak’s first solo exhibition at Feheley Fine Arts and a successful one at that, with many pieces going to private collectors across North America and four works up for acquisition at two of Canada’s most prestigious fine … Read More