The Language that Lies Between

On October 25th, 2022, a collaborative mural by Niap (Nancy Saunders) and Olinda Reshijabe Silvano from Lima, Peru was unveiled on the wall of Kerr Hall West at Toronto Metropolitan University.   Curated by Gerald McMaster, the 12-by-8-meter mural titled “Paisajes de Nosotros (Landscape of Us)” is part of the multi-stage Arctic/Amazon project coordinated by Wapatah: Centre for Indigenous Visual … Read More

Niap’s Artwork Acquisition by the AGO

We’re thrilled to share that the Art Gallery of Ontario has acquired Niap‘s spectacular textile piece Piqutiapiit at this year’s Art Toronto. ⁠ With funds from the AGO’s Department of Indigenous and Canadian Art, Piqutiapiit was acquired alongside seven contemporary works by Mi’kmaq artist Ursula Johnson, and Inuvialuk artist and curator Kablusiak. “The three artists we have purchased at this … Read More

Twelve by Twelve

Exhibition opened June 28, 2022 We are pleased to present the group exhibition Twelve by Twelve, featuring 12 stellar works by 12 great Inuit artists. Expertly selected by Pat Feheley herself, these works represent the breadth and diversity in style and subject presented by artists from the Canadian North. Artists in the show come primarily from Kinngait, Nunavut, with the … Read More

Niap’s Exhibition “Piqutiapiit” at the McCord Museum

We were thrilled to attend the preview of Niap’s exhibition Piqutiapiit at the McCord Museum in Montreal. The show was the culmination of Niap’s artist-in-residence project at the museum. Her final piece: a stunning, 6 x 4 foot hand-beaded, hand-sewn wall-hanging titled Piqutiapiit, the namesake of the show. The work is an extraordinary testament to the creativity, resilience, and resourcefulness … Read More

Niap Completes Artist Residency in Finland

In November 2021, Niap travelled to Finland for a residency at the Malakata Artist Centre. The Malakata Centre brings together creatives from all over the world to cultivate ideas, art, and culture in various forms. Located in the city of Malax in western Finland, the centre was established in 2007 and since then has been host to various events, concerts, … Read More

Niap at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

A piece by Niap is included the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ latest group exhibition. Titled “How long does it take for one voice to reach another?”, the show brings together works from the museum’s permanent collection that touch on love and loss; separation and reconciliation; listening and the desire to be heard. Niap’s watercolour piece Beauty in Our Lines … Read More

Interview with Niap on her show “Silavut”

Niap’s second solo show at Feheley Fine Arts, “Silavut,” presents work celebrating light; an expansive light, one which is unique to the North and at times can last months on end. In parallel, the work also speaks to a lightness in spirit, one so nourishing after a time of darkness and isolation. To mark the closing of Niap’s sold-out show, … Read More

Opening reception: Niap “Ivalu”

In May 2019, Feheley Fine Arts presented Niap’s first solo exhibition of works on paper entitled Ivalu. Meaning ‘sinew thread’, Ivalu featured of a series of ink drawings on which the artist stitched tattoos in the traditional manner of Inuit tattooing. This exhibition was the culmination of Niap’s visual exploration of traditional tattoo marks. In conjunction with the opening reception, … Read More

Niap – Ivalu: Tattooed

We’ve hosted drum dances and throat singing and many other forms of Inuit performance. But never a live tattooing session. It took someone with the force of personality of Niap – aka Nancy Saunders – to make it happen within our walls. Niap herself is on a roll. It seems like everything she imagines is becoming reality. She has several … Read More