Opening reception: Mathew Nuqingaq – Masquerade

For someone well recognized for his “masks”– as in his famous array of wildly imaginative snow goggles – Mathew Nuqingaq proved to be disarmingly forthright about his emotions at the opening of his Masquerade exhibition. The goggles themselves are playful, yet at the same time they display an exceptionally high standard of craftsmanship. Whether working with muskox horn, antler, baleen, … Read More

Mathew Nuqingaq: “Masquerade”

Mathew Nuqingaq is a drum dancer, performance artist, photographer, sculptor, jewelry maker and Member of the Order of Canada. He’s principally known for his wearable works of art that draw on traditional Inuit stories and symbols. Recently, a pair of his antler earrings made it onto the cover of Maclean’s magazine, worn by none other than former federal cabinet minister, … Read More

Mathew Nuqingaq drum dancing

In 2013, artist Mathew Nuqingaq travelled to Toronto from his hometown of Iqaluit, Nunavut to join us in celebrating the one year anniversary of Feheley Fine Arts in our new location at 65 George Street, Toronto. Nuqingaq is an artist, renowned as a jeweller, sculptor, photographer, and drum dancer. He founded the Aayuraa Studio in Iqaluit, which provides a space … Read More

The Aayuraa Studio – Jewellery and metalwork by Mathew Nuqingaq

In 2016, artist Mathew Nuqingaq founded the Aayuraa Studios in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Nuqingaq is a world-renowned jeweller who opened the studio as a place for Inuit metalsmiths to create. It has since hosted jewellers like Dan Wade and Barbara Akoak, and is known as a warm and welcoming space for artists, and a site for innovation in Inuit jewellery designs. … Read More

The Aayuraa Studio: New Jewellery and Metalwork

Exhibition opened May 28, 2011 Aayuraa means snow-goggles in Inuktitut, the Inuit language. As the purpose of snow goggles is to protect one’s vision, it is a fitting name for an establishment that cares for and fosters the vision of artists. Inuit art is often associated with fine, small, intricately fashioned work. From the detailed etched scenes on walrus ivory, … Read More