Every year, the tradition grows.

The release of the Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection is a highlight each fall. It showcases a range of work from many of the leading artists working out of the Kinngait Studios. This year was especially notable, marking the collection’s 60th anniversary. Here’s how it works. Every year the Co-op (where the print studio operates) selects a series of the … Read More

2018 Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection

The 59th iteration of this landmark release arrives this month. Take a trip back in time to the late 1950s and you’ll find a very different perspective. Prior to the 1950s, the primary avenue for artistic expression among the Inuit was found in its decorative carvings and appliquéd designs on clothing and bags. Experimentation with printmaking began in the late … Read More

Another successful Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection release

The Hand of the Artist and the Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection are officially on the walls of Centre Space at Feheley Fine Arts. Some visitors arrived at 65 George St. as early as 6:30AM in hopes of getting first pick of the prints. As expected, some of the most prominent prints, such as Saimaiyu Akesuk‘s ‘Tender Moment,’ Ningeokuluk Teevee‘s … Read More

Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection at Feheley: “The Hand of the Artist”

Feheley Fine arts is proud to announce the release of the Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection. A tradition since 1959, the collection includes lithographs, etchings and stonecuts from eleven different artists. This annual event receives a large amount of attention from art collectors because no more than fifty editions of each print are created; every year, the release is met with … Read More