Every year, the tradition grows.

FLORAL TRANSFORMATION, Ningiukulu Teevee, Stonecut & Stencil, 24 1/4 x 31 3/8 in.

The release of the Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection is a highlight each fall. It showcases a range of work from many of the leading artists working out of the Kinngait Studios. This year was especially notable, marking the collection’s 60th anniversary.

Here’s how it works. Every year the Co-op (where the print studio operates) selects a series of the finest prints. The 32-piece release is then distributed to galleries across Canada in its entirety. Feheley Fine Arts hosted our annual release on October 19 at 8:30AM, where we welcomed a line-up of keen admirers of Kinngait art with coffee, croissants, and prints. The print release coincided with our special exhibition 60/60, providing an optimal background for Pat to walk visitors through 60 years of printmaking at the Kinngait Studios.

The annual collection serves as a wonderful survey of the vibrant artistic life of the community. Each year is different – different artists, different themes and different techniques. We always look forward to new work from first-time print collection artists, such as Pee Ashevak, or new directions from well-established names, like Pitaloosie Saila.

The 2019 Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection is the most consistent in quality in several years, with a strong representation by younger artists. This is a very welcome sign. In a community with a population of under 1,500, it’s not easy to maintain a world-renowned arts hub, but the town and the Co-op have worked tirelessly to create an opportunity for new generations of emerging artists.