The Ivujivik Collective

Beginning in October 2020, a collective of four artists living in Ivujivik, Nunavik undertook a major printmaking project. Over a number of months, artists Qumaq Iyaituk, Passa Mangiuk, Louisa Kanarjuak, and Lyne Bastien worked in tandem to each create several series of monoprints that were individual to each artist, yet when viewed together, represent a cohesive whole and a collective process. Now, Feheley Fine Arts is pleased to present the vibrant culmination of their work in the exhibition The Ivujivik Collective, open December 4, 2021.

All works in the exhibition are monoprints – each entirely unique and produced in an edition of one. The backgrounds of the prints were created using the gelli plate technique, creating texture out of found household materials like onion mesh bags and bubble wrap. These were then printed with acrylic paint, giving them their unique colours. They then carved their plates out of linoleum tiles and printed each image using the press and printing ink in black, purple, and red. Each artist produced between 16-24 prints of their own, contributing to a grand overall project of over forty-five prints in the project.

This exhibition marks the second showing of prints made by Ivujivik artists in collaboration with Montreal-based artist Lyne Bastien at Feheley Fine Arts. In 2018, the gallery premiered a series of prints by collective for the first time in the exhibition Convergence North/South.

To learn more about the collective’s printmaking process, watch the short video below.