Ulukhaktok – ready for its revival.

By Pat Feheley March 2019 We flew into Ulukhaktok  with a mixture of excitement and uncertainty. What were we going to find in this small, isolated Inuit settlement in the northwestern part of the Canadian Arctic? What awaited us in Ulukhaktok? Known then as Holman Island, Ulukhatok used to be a thriving printmaking centre from the early 1960s through till … Read More

Revitalizing Ulukhaktok’s graphic arts

Back in 1961, the community of Ulukhaktok (formerly Holman) began producing art. While the effort lasted almost four decades, it unfortunately served as a cautionary tale about what happens when strings are being pulled from outside the community, without sufficient local involvement. Instead of focusing on the development of the artistic talent that was clearly present, the push was to … Read More