The Awareness Series by Barry Pottle

We were delighted to open The Awareness Series exhibition by Barry Pottle on April 30th, 2016.  The show features a series of 19 photographs split into two contrasting concepts depicting Inuit identity. ‘The Eskimo Identification Tag’ (Disc number) was issued by the Government of Canada, starting in the 1940’s, as a means of identifying Inuit for census purposes.  The series includes … Read More

Barry Pottle: Awareness Series

Exhibition opened April 30, 2016 “The Eskimo Identification Tag (Disc number)” was developed by the Government of Canada in the 1940/50’s as a means of identifying Inuit for census purposes.  From my understanding, Inuit of the Eastern and Western Arctic traditionally had one name which created confusion for government officials, especially if Inuit were identified as having the same name … Read More