Post-Fair: Art Toronto 2021

It was so good to be back at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for the 2021 iteration of Art Toronto. Half the size but double the fun, this year’s Feheley Fine Arts booth featured new drawings by Kinngait artists Shuvinai Ashoona, Saimaiyu Akesuk, Ooloosie Saila, Ningiukulu Teevee, and Qavavau Manumie.

Paintings on canvas were also featured. Two were by Tuktoyaktuk-born artist Darcie Bernhardt, who’s premier solo exhibition Akisuktuaq opened at the gallery in May of 2021. The third was an expressive abstract portrait by respected Kinngait artist Jutai Toonoo – a rare medium for the artist who is known for his sculpture and pastel on paper works.

Sculptures also stunned fair-goers. Michael Massie’s delicate Ulu bowl The Tattooed Sisters captured fans, new and old. As did a classic figural piece by Rankin Inlet artist John Tiktak, and a whalebone masterpiece by Gjoa Haven carver Ralph Porter.

The stars of the show this year were Niap’s two stunning vertical landscape watercolour works. They came from the artist’s series Silavut (our skies, our weather, our outside) which premiered at Feheley Fine Arts in June 2021. Completed while in quarantine after travelling from Montreal to Kuujjuaq in the early spring, the luminous body of work reflects the ending of a period of darkness and entering one of light.

While the physical fair may be over, our virtual booth is up until November 7 on Artland.

We were so thrilled to finally re-connect with our many clients and gallery friends in person, and can’t wait to do Art Toronto again next year.