Fantastic Transformations: Artworks by Qavavau & Tukiki Manumie

On February 3, 2018, Feheley Fine Arts opened its latest exhibition titled Fantastic Transformations. The exhibition features drawings on paper by Qavavau Manumie alongside sculptures and drawings by his brother, Tukiki Manumie.

Born six years apart to a family of artists, Qavavau (born 1958) and Tukiki (1952-2017) each developed distinct artistic styles. Tukiki is best known for his serpentinite sculptures and Qavavau for his lithographs. Fantastic Transformations sheds light on this, highlighting both artists’ individual methods of applying media to their chosen surface. Despite their uniqueness, the works of Qavavau and Tikiki compliment each other, and engage in a nuanced visual dialogue.

The exhibition also explores the artists’ interpretations of mythology. They explore themes surrounding the importance of the land, and the recurring theme of transformation through two and three-dimensional forms.

Fantastic Transformations follows the recent death of Tukiki Manumie. The brothers will continue to carry important legacies of influence on Inuit aesthetics for generations to come.

Installation view of Fantastic Transformations exhibition featuring artworks by Qavavau and Tukiki Manumie