Lucy Tasseor: I Turn to Stone

Foreword John Vincett Collecting has to be one of the more benign mental conditions. Often we are not quite sure how it starts; but we find ourselves in its powerful and magnetic grip. If a radio dial welded to the CBC can teach us about the country, then surely a pursuit of literature and other tangible forms of art can … Read More

Arrived: Drawings by Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetok and Mary Ayaq Anowtalik

For Arviat artists, Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetok and Mary Ayaq Anowtalik, many decades of sculpting culminated in a reputation of excellence in carving. Several years ago, both artists undertook a new medium – drawing. They have now emerged as important graphic artists. The works of art in this exhibition build on the collection of experimental drawings that first introduced the artists’ … Read More