Johnny Pootoogook: Nocturne

Exhibition opened January 19, 2023 Amid the quiet darkness of evening or night, light finds its way through. It illuminates the green exterior wall of the Peter Pitseolak High School, and glows through the windows of buildings near the Water Point Area. It also naturally occurs in the aurora borealis as a green or blue glow dancing across the sky. … Read More

Twelve by Twelve

Exhibition opened June 28, 2022 We are pleased to present the group exhibition Twelve by Twelve, featuring 12 stellar works by 12 great Inuit artists. Expertly selected by Pat Feheley herself, these works represent the breadth and diversity in style and subject presented by artists from the Canadian North. Artists in the show come primarily from Kinngait, Nunavut, with the … Read More

Johnny Pootoogook: Views from Home

April 24, 2021 Drawing can serve as a vehicle for memory. Some artists use drawing to recollect moments from the past, while others utilize the medium to investigate feelings or even re-imagine events. The use of memory as a source of reference, rather than the commonly used photograph or preliminary sketch, leaves space for the artist’s interpretation—leeway for creativity and … Read More