Inuit Art Renaissance

It’s not every day that you wake up to the front page of the Arts section of the Globe & Mail and come upon a three-page feature story on the resurgence of Inuit art.

Clearly, we’re at a crossroads in the history of Inuit, with a new generation of artists, new approaches and subject matter that distinguishes it from the traditional art that preceded it.

This is long overdue recognition for artists like Shuvinai Ashoona who was featured in solo shows at the Power Plant and Feheley Fine Arts simultaneously.

This attention helps Inuit artists gain exposure with a new generation of collectors. What they find when they explore this new work is how even the most high profile Inuit artists are remarkably affordable when compared to most other contemporary artists.

There’s also a connection to Canadian cultural heritage that’s always welcome.

Read the full article in The Globe & Mail.

The Shuvinai Ashoona – Another World Out There… exhibition runs at the Power Plant from January 26 – May 12.