Piliriqatigiingniq mural project

Patrick Thompson and Alexa Hatanaka have collaborated with Cape Dorset artists Audi Qinnuayuaq, Latch Akesuk, Cie Taqiasaq and Parr Etidloie on the Piliriqatigiingniq Mural Project, an incredible outdoor public art project in downtown Toronto. After be forced to find a new wall at the last minute, the team has officially completed a colourful painting on the side of a youth hostel on Church Street.

The mural reaches 60 feet tall and showcases the undeniable talent of these young Inuit artists. The completed Piliriqatigiingniq Mural Project will be officially unveiled today from 4:00 – 6:00 PM at 76 Church Street.

Below, you can find some progress photos of the mural, as well as photos from when the young Cape Dorset artists visited Feheley Fine Arts last weekend. You can view more photos of the project here