Patricia Feheley talks about “Fusion & Rarities”

In May 2023 the gallery was thrilled to present a double-feature exhibition event showcasing two stellar shows: Fusion – Collaborative Drawings; and Rarities – Coveted Cape Dorset prints. At the opening reception on May 27, Pat Feheley spoke on the importance of collaboration at the Kinngait Studios and its integral existence since the very first printmaking experiments in the late 1950s. During her talk, Pat discusses the collaborative process involved in creating Inuit prints using the techniques of stonecut, stencil, lithography, and etching and aquatint. She also speaks on the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Kinngait Studios, and how the introduction of the “exquisite corpse” collaborative drawing method functioned as a way to bring artists together during a difficult time apart.

Fusion brought together drawings made by artists working at the Kinngait Studios during an innovative two-year period between 2020–2022. Using the “exquisite corpse” method coined by the Surrealist art movement, two or more artists would collaborate on a single drawn composition.

Rarities showcased a hand-picked selection of thirty-five sold out prints from the Cape Dorset Annual Print Collections. These coveted graphics represent some of the best of Inuit printmaking, celebrating 63 years of the incredible innovation and creativity that propelled the art-form to international recognition.