Padloo Samayualie: North & South

On October 20th, Feheley Fine Arts opened Padloo Samayualie’s first solo exhibition, North & South. The artist was present at the well-attended reception for the exhibition, which features 31 drawings in coloured pencil and ink. After a short introduction by Patricia Feheley, Samayualie spoke about her work.  Many of the drawings in this show were inspired by her time in New York City, when she participated in an artist residency at the Brooklyn Museum. Other drawings examine the architecture and landscape of her home town, Cape Dorset.

This show narrows our focus onto details of both Northern and Southern infrastructure. The result is a style that is distinctive and atmospheric. In her art practice, Samayualie often uses photographs as a point of reference to create her detailed drawings in coloured pencil and ink.  Other drawings capture views from her memories and life experiences.

In attendance were fellow artists Mayoreak Ashoona, Siassie Kenneally, Qiatsuq Niviaqsi, and mayor of Cape Dorset and world renowned master carver, Padlaya Qiatsuq.

Padloo Samayualie and Patricia Feheley speak at the opening for the artist’s first solo exhibition, North & South.