Ooloosie Saila: Island Landscapes

Ooloosie Saila in the Kinngait studios. Photo: Bess Muhlstock

We are thrilled to announce a special print release of the Island Landscapes print suite by Ooloosie Saila. The suite consists of three stunning prints depicting the landscape of Kinngait, Saila’s hometown and signature subject. Large and bold, the images present the Arctic landscape through a greyscale monochromatic palette that evokes a moody and magnificent atmosphere.

In an exciting first, Saila worked in collaboration with renowned Montreal-based printmaking studio, Studio PM, during a workshop conducted at the Kinngait Studios in 2019. After being introduced to the techniques of sugar lift and white ground etching, Saila worked on the metal plates using a variety of painterly techniques such as brush, squeeze bottle, and more. After being proofed in the North, the plates were sent down to Studio PM in Montreal to be editioned.

In keeping with its name, the traditional sugar lift technique uses a liquid sugar combined with gum Arabic and black ink or gouache. This solution is then applied on to the plate, creating the atmospheric effect seen in Saila’s prints. In place of the traditional method, Studio PM introduced a faux sugar lift solution which Saila applied to the plate through a squeeze bottle, allowing for the free flow lines that characterize her works. The white ground was then applied using brushes, sticks, as well as the artist’s hands, resulting in texturally complex final prints, unlike anything Saila has created before.

Saila has previously produced prints in stonecut and lithography; Island Landscapes marks her first foray into sugar lift and etching. She is best known for her dynamic coloured pencil and ink drawings, executed in vibrant colour and with incredibly dense coloured pencil application.

Island Landscapes I, II, and III by Ooloosie Saila are available for pre-order through Feheley Fine Arts. The prints can be viewed at the gallery starting March 15, 2022.

Stay tuned for our exhibition of new drawings by Saila, coming May 2022.

Island Landscape I, 2020, sugar lift & etching, 44 1/2 x 44 3/4 in. Edition of 30. $2,500 CAD

Island Landscape II, 2020, sugar lift & etching, 44 1/2 x 44 3/4 in. Edition of 30. $2,500 CAD

Island Landscape III, 2020, sugar lift & etching, 44 1/2 x 44 3/4 in. Edition of 30. $2,500 CAD