A New Perspective – Siassie Kenneally

Siassie Kenneally was featured in Feheley Fine Arts’ most recent exhibition of drawings, A New Perspective, which was dedicated to exciting emerging artists from Cape Dorset.

We were fortunate enough to have a visit from Siassie last week. We chatted about her drawings and her adventures in Toronto – she has already been to the Toronto Zoo and apple picking.

When looking at her drawings, she explained, “I keep all of my ideas locked in my head until it is time to draw. My inspiration comes from all of my experiences.” Siassie works from memory instead of photographs. This allows her to play with perspective in her artwork, like her most recent drawings that take on a bird’s eye view. She was also able to name everyone in her drawings. “These are real people. I did not make them up.”

Siassie explained her two of her prints in the 2014 Cape Dorset Print Collection, Cold Kettle and Bag of Ice. “I chose to make these two drawings because they represent my parents. My mother used to drag that tea pot everywhere. Wherever we went she could never leave it behind. When we were at camp, my father would carry ice in a postal bag just like this one.”