First Arts announcement

A new company with the objective of expanding public awareness and engagement with Inuit and First Nations Art.

Feheley Fine Arts is pleased to announce the creation of First Arts, the culmination of a shared effort by four of Canada’s most knowledgeable and internationally respected specialists in the fields of Inuit & First Nations art. Patricia Feheley is joined in this effort by Ingo Hessel, Duncan McLean and Mark London. Together, they bring over 150 years of combined experience in marketing Inuit and First Nations art in our galleries and at auction, as well as continuous involvement in education, writing, museum curating and consulting. The four will create a unique combination of auction, gallery and educational experience to nurture and spread information and enthusiasm for both Inuit and First Nations, thereby ensuring the long-term market for Inuit and First Nations arts.

The principal idea behind First Arts is to offer the highest level of professionalism in the resale market for Inuit and First Nations through live and online auctions, special exhibitions, gallery and online sales, as well as public education through our website and print publications. First Arts will also give back to the communities through donations, special activities and the mentorship of promising Inuit and First Nations arts professionals.

This is much more than a platform for consolidating secondary market sales of Inuit and First Nations art; it is a way of mobilizing enthusiasm and support for the art and the artists who produce it. We want to act as a catalyst, championing the cause of Inuit and First Nations art not just here in Canada, but around the globe.

The initial First Arts auction will be held at Waddingtons Auction House on May 28, 2019. The company will be based in Ottawa, while Feheley Fine Arts in Toronto and Galerie Elca London in Montreal will show selected works of art as well as curated exhibitions. Two live auctions a year will be held at Waddington’s in Toronto. In addition to the live auctions, four curated on-line auctions will be held. A retail component will showcase works in the galleries and on the website.

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For more information, including how to consign, please contact Ingo Hessel at or 613.818.2100.