Daniel Shimout’s first solo exhibition starts Saturday

Beginning Saturday, February 15th, Daniel Shimout‘s first solo exhibition, In the Old Days, will be at Feheley Fine Arts.

Shimout was born into a family of artists, and has lived his whole life in Salliq (Coal Harbour), NU. He began carving in his teenage years, and learned by observing his father, Anakudlak Shimout, and his older brother Matthew.

Heavily influenced by Inuit legends and traditional ways of life, Shimout’s intricate sculptures often blend elements of realism and fantasy. His original artworks involve multiple forms of media, including baleen, whalebone, caribou antler, muskox horn, stone and ivory. Shimout has been carving for over 25 years.

You can visit Daniel Shimout’s exhibition In the Old Days¬†at Feheley Fine Arts until March 15th, 2014.