Born in Iqalugajuk, Siassie Kenneally now lives and works in Cape Dorset. Kenneally’s talents undoubtedly stem from a family lineage of legendary artists; she is the daughter of Qaqaq Ashoona and Mayureak Ashoona, the granddaughter of Pitseolak Ashoona, and the cousin of Shuvinai Ashoona and Annie Pootoogook.

Kenneally started drawing in 2004, and was originally interested in portraying traditional Inuit iconography through her works of art. Recently, her drawings have undergone a shift and have become more realistic. Today, her detailed graphic works revolve around storytelling, often capturing the people from her community and documenting memories of her own experiences.

Her drawings were featured in Ashoona: The Third Wave at the Art Gallery of Alberta in 2006 and in Three Cousins at Feheley Fine Arts in 2007.

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