Itee Pootoogook

Working in coloured pencil, Itee Pootoogook (1951–2014) created subtly-coloured images of the world around him. He often used photographs as a starting point for his drawings; these ranged from photos he took himself in earlier years to photographs taken by his colleagues in the Kinngait Studios.

Although he had been involved in both drawing and film animation during the 1970s, it was only during the last decade of Pootoogook’s life that he became actively involved with art making at the Kinngait Studios. Feheley Fine Arts first introduced his drawings at the Toronto International Art Fair in 2008 and his work quickly gained recognition. Pootoogook’s sensitive and atmospheric renderings of Kinngait (Cape Dorset) and its environs are redolent of his love of the landscape and local townscape that was his home.

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