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Bill Nasogaluak (b. 1953) is a self-taught Inuvialuit sculptor and painter originally from Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, currently based in Ontario. His artwork represents interpretations of his Inuvialuit culture, the mythology and traditions of his people, and the relationship between land and wildlife. Nasogaluak’s use of metaphors and symbolism in his paintings and sculptures often make for multifaceted, complex pieces.

Nasogaluak has participated in and led many successful collaborative projects, including the design and production of the Ceremonial Mace for the N.W.T. legislature, a commemorative sculpture created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik, and a monumental sculpture inside the lobby of the Calgary Stock Exchange Building.

National and international media has regularly featured Nasogaluak, and his work is found in collections throughout North, Central, and South America, as well as Europe.

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