A Conversation on Oscar Cahén with Sarah Milroy, David Urban and Gina Rorai

In conjunction with the opening of Discovering Oscar Cahén: The Warrior, Feheley Fine Arts and TrépanierBaer were thrilled to host an in-person talk between Sarah Milroy, David Urban and Gina Rorai. In this conversation, Milroy (Chief Curator, McMichael Canadian Art Collection) invites Urban and Rorai to respond to Oscar Cahén’s paintings including The Warrior (1956) from their own perspectives as practicing abstract painters. The conversation that ensues covers a range of compelling topics from art history, to painting techniques, to interpretations of abstract forms, and more.

Sarah Milroy is Chief Curator of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, Ontario. She has carried various important roles over the years in the Canadian arts scene as an editor, publisher, critic, and curator.

David Urban is one of Canada’s foremost contemporary abstract painters. His work is defined by bold collisions of line and shape, clashing tones, and kinetic brushstrokes.

Gina Rorai is a Canadian abstract painter and a leading colourist of her generation. She is known for her large-scale landscape paintings depicted from memory.