New strategy to combat suicide in Nunavut.

We all know about the epidemic of suicide in the North. Shockingly, the suicide rate in Nunavut is nine times the national average. The question is: what can be done to improve the situation? The Globe has uncovered a story about an interactive game called Sparx that’s being adapted to tackle the subject of youth mental health in Nunavut. If … Read More

“The Grizzlies” A showcase of Northern/Southern collaboration.

It’s inspiring to see a new Canadian movie centred around an Inuit story opening on screens across Canada. The heart-wrenching/heart-warming true story follows a series of Inuit students in the remote hamlet of Kugluktuk, Nunavut. The town was ravaged by one of the highest teen suicide rates in North America before a teacher encouraged the students to form a competitive … Read More

Papier 2019 to be the biggest ever

There’s lots of change coming to the annual Papier show of contemporary art in Montreal. The most dramatic shift is the fair’s location, from its previous home at the Arsenal Contemporary Art venue, to the Grand Quay in the old Port of Montreal. The site is a new cruise ship terminal that opened in 2017. It more than doubles the … Read More

Ooloosie Saila – The Journey is Rewarded

It’s hard to imagine what was going through Ooloosie Saila’s mind as she made her long pilgrimage to Toronto from her home in Kinngait (Cape Dorset). It’s always an adventure when flying across the Arctic, with multiple flights to catch and unpredictable weather. Ooloosie wasn’t just making her second trip south of the Arctic Circle and her first time in … Read More

Ulukhaktok – Ready for its Revival.

By Pat Feheley March 2019 We flew into Ulukhaktok  with a mixture of excitement and uncertainty. What were we going to find in this small, isolated Inuit settlement in the northwestern part of the Canadian Arctic? What awaited us in Ulukhaktok? Known then as Holman Island, Ulukhatok used to be a thriving printmaking centre from the early 1960s through till … Read More

Inuit Art Renaissance

It’s not every day that you wake up to the front page of the Arts section of the Globe & Mail and come upon a three-page feature story on the resurgence of Inuit art. Clearly, we’re at a crossroads in the history of Inuit, with a new generation of artists, new approaches and subject matter that distinguishes it from the … Read More

Revitalizing Ulukhaktok’s Graphic Arts

Back in 1961, the community of Ulukhaktok (formerly Holman) began producing art. While the effort lasted almost four decades, it unfortunately served as a cautionary tale about what happens when strings are being pulled from outside the community, without sufficient local involvement. Instead of focusing on the development of the artistic talent that was clearly present, the push was to … Read More

Shuvinai’s Star Continues to Rise

How does an internationally recognized star remain so humble? There’s no question – Shuvinai Ashoona has broken through the ranks of contemporary art to emerge as a genuine star, not just among Inuit or Canadian artists, but on the international stage. We couldn’t be more delighted for her. To watch Shuvinai at the opening of her “We End Up Dreaming” … Read More

First Arts Announcement

A new company with the objective of expanding public awareness and engagement with Inuit and First Nations Art. Feheley Fine Arts is pleased to announce the creation of First Arts, the culmination of a shared effort by four of Canada’s most knowledgeable and internationally respected specialists in the fields of Inuit & First Nations art. Patricia Feheley is joined in this … Read More

Kiviuq Returns: With Shuvinai Ashoona in Attendance

In front of a packed house that included Shuvinai Ashoona, the Qaggiq Collective performed its riveting performance, Kiviuq Returns: An Inuit Epic. Directed by Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory, the play itself is a magical and powerful combination of music, drumming, dance and storytelling. Despite the fact that the performance is entirely in Inuktitut without surtitles, the audience was enraptured and breathlessly … Read More