Oscar Cahén and the Feheley Connection

From Inuit Art to Canadian Abstract Painting Feheley Fine Arts has a long legacy as an Inuit art gallery, beginning with Pat’s father M. F. (Budd) Feheley, a prominent graphic arts studio executive and ardent art collector. Budd’s legacy is often centered on his major contributions to what we now know as contemporary Inuit art – he aided in the … Read More

Themes in Inuit Art: Mother and Child

We’re overjoyed that our own Elyse recently welcomed a baby girl into the world! In honour of the new mom and baby, we decided to take a look at one of the most common subjects depicted in Inuit art—the Mother and Child. From early sculptures of Inuk mothers cradling children or keep babies warm in their hoods, to the many … Read More

First Arts Auction – Sunday, July 12 at 7PM

Due to current restrictions, First Arts has had to limit the number of clients who can attend the preview of the auction. The installation at A.H. Wilkens Auctions and Appraisals is stunning. The sculpture and prints are presented in three large rooms, with beautiful display stands mixed with older furniture. Since so few people are able to attend, First Arts … Read More

What Type of Stone is This?

“What type of stone is this?” is one of the most common questions we receive about sculptures, and it’s a good one. While many think of Inuit sculpture as synonymous with “soapstone” (the name given to a specific type of soft stone), artists across the Arctic in fact use a variety of local stone types that are available in their … Read More

Annie, unscripted

During this rare time of being homebound, I, like many, have taken some time to look back at old travel memories. I was reminded of the time I spent with artist Annie Pootoogook, who I had the great fortune of knowing and travelling with over a number of years. We went to Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Calgary, Montreal as well as … Read More

Michael Massie’s Artwork Process

How does a sketch become a sculpture? To create his piece Looking Out Over the Big White Hill, renowned artist and master sculptor Michael Massie started with a sketch. Through an extensive process of grinding, inlaying, and sanding, and polishing an extraordinary work of art was created. Watch the video below where the artist talks us through his sculpture making … Read More

What’s the difference between “Inuit” and “Eskimo?”

You’ve likely heard the name “Eskimo” used to refer to Inuit and their culture, whether by your grandparents, parents, or maybe even a friend who grew up outside of Canada. It’s a term that has been out of date since 1980 when the name “Inuit” (meaning “people” in Inuktitut) was recognized by the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) to denote Inuit … Read More

Bill Nasogaluak’s Shapeshifter

The gallery was thrilled to kick off 2020 with something different: an exhibition of thought-provoking sculpture by Tuktoyaktuk-born artist, Bill Nasogaluak. Shapeshifter was Nasogaluak’s first solo exhibition at Feheley Fine Arts and a successful one at that, with many pieces going to private collectors across North America and four works up for acquisition at two of Canada’s most prestigious fine … Read More

Feheley Fine Arts in Collaboration with TrépanierBaer Gallery

Feheley Fine Arts and TrépanierBaer Gallery are delighted to announce a new reciprocal collaboration. The two galleries’ inaugural exhibition will be Discovering Oscar Cahén (1916-1956) opening April 2 through to May 10, 2020 at Centre Space, located inside Feheley Fine Arts proper at 65 George Street in Toronto. The art and story of artist Oscar Cahén is remarkable. Born in … Read More

My Personal Cultural Moment of the Year – OPINION

December 2019 By Joel Sears, Feheley Writer I grew up with a Kenojuak lithograph hanging on the wall. It’s still there in my mother’s dining room. But I never fully appreciated the subtle power of Inuit art until I started working with Pat Feheley. It has been a real joy to be able to see this art through Pat’s eyes … Read More