Shuvinai Ashoona
My World in Different Colours

January 18 – February 10, 2024

Feheley Fine Arts is pleased to present an exclusive print collection by acclaimed graphic artist, Shuvinai Ashoona.

Ashoona ventured to Granville Island in Vancouver, B.C., working closely with New Leaf Editions—a distinguished collaborative printmaking studio and art gallery. This collaborative effort resulted in meticulously hand-coloured etchings, each conveying a distinctive set of motifs recurrent in Ashoona’s body of work.

Etched with precision at New Leaf Editions and hand-painted by Shuvinai herself in Kinngait, these artworks represent a harmonious blend of mediums drawn from diverse provinces across Canada.

Embarking on her artistic journey in the early 1990s, Ashoona found inspiration within her family and the vibrant atmosphere of the Kinngait Studios. Her artworks seamlessly blend reality and imagination, offering a unique and abstract perspective on life in the North.

Her skilled hand colourings transform the etchings into vibrant, unique works of art. This personalized touch adds a layer of depth and authenticity to every creation, making each piece a testament to Shuvinai’s artistic vision and expertise. Within her etching you’ll find multiheaded monsters, globes, playing cards, octopus tentacles, rocks, and pebbles reminiscent of the roads in her hometown of Kinngait, Nunavut, iconography repeatedly used in Ashoona’s work of the last few decades.

Ashoona’s groundbreaking artworks consistently hold a prominent position in contemporary art. Infusing her pieces with a magical viewpoint of the North, she imparts a unique fascination that allows viewers to experience the region through her visionary and transformative lens.

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