Ningiukulu Teevee – Portraits

March 17 – April 14, 2018

SPRING AMAUTI, 2017 coloured pencil 44 x 30 in.

Ningukulu Teevee was born May 27th, 1963 in Cape Dorset. Her father was Joanasie Salomonie (deceased), a community leader, well known for his sense of humour and compassion. Over the course of her career, Teevee has established herself as one of the most unique and playful artists to emerge from the Kinngait Studios. Intelligent and versatile, the work of Teevee explores a broad range of subject matter from traditional Inuit mythology, to the fashion and technology of everyday contemporary life in the north. For this show, we have chosen to focus on the artist’s most recent portraiture drawings.

HER SELFIE, 2017, Coloured pencil & ink, 30 x 23 in.

Pastel colours boldly carve out Teevee’s subjects on thick black paper, whereas ink and coloured pencil on thin, white paper, portray her subjects more delicately. In Spring Amauti, 2017, we see a young girl sporting a light Amauti and yoga pants, combining elements of both contemporary and traditional Inuit fashion. In Her Selfie, 2017, we view the drawing from the perspective of Sedna, whose arm extends before us to capture a selfie. This strategic placement of the viewer, body of Sedna, and the smart phone, create an experience for the viewer that is reflexive with both traditional Inuit culture, and the contemporary culture that we interpret it from. Isolated against either black or white background, Teevee’s subjects are not to be understood as existing in a vacuum: these portraiture drawings capture a hybrid of culture, to illustrate an identity that is at once Inuit and Canadian.

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